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Stunning historical architecture, funky bars and gourmet eateries are a sample of what can be found in Valletta, Malta’s Fortress City and “Citta’ Umilissima”.

Valletta is named after its founder, the respected Grand Master of the Order of St. John, Jean Parisot de la Valette, and it grows on the arid rock of Mount Sciberras peninsula, which rises steeply from two deep harbours, Marsamxett and the Grand Harbour. Started in 1566, Valletta was completed, with its impressive bastions, forts and cathedral, in the astonishingly short time of 15 years. In the most renowned description from Benjamin Disraeli, it as “a city of palaces built by gentlemen for gentlemen.”

The entire City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world, as well as being awarded the European Capital of Culture for 2018.

It is busy by day, but retains a timeless atmosphere by night, that gives the feeling that you are walking back in time. The grid of narrow streets boasts some of Europe’s finest art works, churches and palaces. Narrow side streets are full of tiny quaint shops and cafés, while Valletta’s main streets are lined with larger international branded shops for fashion, music, jewellery and much more.

The best way to get around and see the most from your visit to Valletta, is on foot and although the things to do & see are many, we think that a good start and definitely not to be missed, are Valletta’s beautiful gardens, followed by St John’s co-Cathedral and museum (home to world famous artistic masterpieces by Caravaggio and Mattia Preti).

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